Frozen foods in Singapore

School of Economics
  1. Investigation in Japan We focused on frozen foods. Because, when we thought about Japanese foods, we thought that Japanese frozen foods is particular in the variation. We focused on why Japanese foods are sold well? We looked for price, how to sell, why it is sold in frozen…etc.
    In japan there are “obento” custom which bring lunch box at school or office. For working woman, it is so convenient to use frozen foods, because it can save the time in the morning. And the cost is relatively low, also the taste is good! I went to the supermarket, and saw so many kinds of frozen foods. Also, there has so many type of frozen foods, although there are only one dishes. I thought that buying frozen foods, now become a kind of pleasure for woman.
    I thought there are other surely reasons. I want to write 3 reasons. First is that, nutrition became higher by freezing. There are some data by Chester University that the 2/3 of vegetables in frozen become higher in content of Vitamin C. Second, a sense of safety. In Japanese foods, there are frozen foods recognition system. For that in Japanese factory, sanitation is very strict. Also, a “best before” date and “the place of origin” have to be written. Third things is that the things are sold in everywhere. It is normally for Japanese people that frozen foods are sold in convenience store. But not only there, frozen foods are sold also in a drag store now! I was very surprised! From those things, I thought that frozen foods are necessary things for Japanese people.
    According to these things I thought that, I want to do research on how the frozen foods in Japan seems like. I knew that the Singapore woman work so much, and also GDP in Singapore is higher than that in Japan. So, I expected that there are a lots of kind of frozen foods in relatively lower price like japan!
2.  Investigation in Singapore
We went to 3 supermarket. Takashimaya, Isetan, and fairprice.
Takashimaya and Isetan
There are a lots of Japanese foods not only frozen foods but also, instant foods. It was like Japanese supermarket! The cost here was 2 to 3 times much more than it sold in Japan.
   Fair price
     There are not so many Japanese frozen foods, also the cost were on the hole relatively high.
What I learned from interview
We could ask about 7 people who bought Japanese foods.
What was most surprised was that, there were some people who buy Japanese frozen foods because once they bought Japanese snacks their child liked it, so they bought another Japanese foods, those were frozen foods. Japanese frozen foods are good-tasting, healthy and very convenient. But here, in Singapore there are some points that prevent Japanese foods to supply.
Why is difficult in Singapore to penetrate Japanese frozen foods?
I want to show you about 4 reasons.
First is custom to eat outside. In Singapore, there are a custom to eat outside. There are a lot of place that Singapore people can eat named hookers. There, we can eat one plate at 3 dollars to 5 dollars. It is so cheap!
Second is frozen food are not common for them. At Isetan, I saw that seller who sold frozen foods, show us how to cook the frozen foods. So I thought in Singapore there are maybe some people who don’t know how to use microwave.
Third is employment rate of woman in Singapore is higher than Japan. There are some date that employment rate in age 30-34 in Singapore is 78.9 compared with 64.2% in Japan. And also 69.1% both hold on their jobs. So there has a maid in their homes. In a weekday, a maid buy foods in the supermarket to cook for their employer. So it can be thought that they don’t buy frozen foods.
Forth is the price for the frozen foods are high. The amount are much, also the price are high. So, they are hesitate to buy frozen foods. This high price is comes for the high cost to keep freezer cold. Because Singapore is a hot in the temperature throughout of the year!
  1. How to penetrate Japanese frozen foods to Singapore?
I thought for 4 reasons I wrote above, it is difficult to penetrate Japanese frozen foods in Singapore. But I think that there are some things that we can do. I want to show 3 things.
First is to sell frozen foods in a smaller package and cheaper cost. I think in a low cost, people those who don’t employ made tend to buy frozen foods.
Second is to progress a campaign that “buy 2 get cooler box free!!!” I think this can be helpful to make up for the freezer cost to be lower.
 Third is to do the demonstrate sales. At Isetan there are some people who were selling frozen foods, Japanese udon…etc. and I also saw many people were stopped at there and were looking for them. I thought this demonstrate sales can attract interest to the people who thinks I don’t need frozen foods.
  1. Conclusion
It was so difficult to make the conclusion for me. As much as I think, I became much difficult to what I want to search from this investigation. But, I learned a lot of things. It is a natural things that Japanese frozen foods are not well-sold in Singapore because those two countries are different in their cultures, temperature, religion…and so many other things. I learned that the most important things is to learn a lot of things through dedicated searching. I want to continue to study by dedicated and see a lots of differences of many countries and know that countries a lot!