Report on the short-term study program in Japan “Fostering Human Resources for Global Soft Infrastructure”


Name: Kanha Sengmany 

1. The harmonization of industrial development and sustainable environment. 

 I personally view industrialized development which mainly emphasize sustainability is very essential to humans, animals and plants. These aspects which actually are relying their lives on this earth need to immerse in good condition environment. However, due to the basic need and demand of human increase, development is a key of this world’s movement. Once development occurs, most of the natural resources are turned to be such main part of the process of changing. In addition, as human being, especially these days, the world population is increasing so demanding does so. In order to supply the demand, industrial sector is playing as a key player to serve humans’ needs. However, while this sector is generating, the concerning of environment is rarely taken into an account. As a result, there are plenty of problems happen around the worlds, environmental and climate change issues in particular. Thus, to balance these features, it is required to carefully look through the threat which is caused by humans’ activities in order to mitigate the problems which would affects lives on this earth in the future tremendously. 

2. Newly gained and found for own research topic 

 It is very meaningful for me that I have such a great chance to visit Japan, especially Nagoya, though it was a short time. As I rarely explore my life in abroad plus some challenges which happen to me, mainly communication, I have tried my best to take this chance for granted in order to overcome these weak areas, and take away knowledge which I gained from this exchange back to my home country. Academically, immersing in laboratory and some related sector elevated me a good chance to see the real world of working life, and participate in some classes with specific activities. A part from that, as I was given an opportunity to present my Master thesis to all participants and professors of the university and scientifically received such useful comments, I learned a lot of things scientifically which will be construct in my academic life, and all of those will be fulfilled my thesis in order to produce a fully complete production.

 This short term study program is such a precious grant for me in terms of being winding-eyed in a developed country like Japan. I would like to forward my sincere thanks to all of those who warmly welcomed me with kindness and generosity, and to those who always helped me to see peaceful life in a big society, and allowed me to be part of Japanese life exploration and cultures during this time. 

3. Through the program 

I would say that everyplace I went through brought me happiness and joy. I felt like I was in the clouds, specifically the weather which is relatively cold with while snow. In my country, as its location, it is hardly to feel weather like this and especially snow that is never found. Besides that, I like the way of people who are in the place that I visited live their lives with peace and friendliness. This feeling made me warmth and hard to forget.

 This program is not just giving a chance for me to see different ankle of world, but also elevating me useful knowledge which will be contributed to myself, my organization as well as home country in terms of development. I do hope that this program will be continuing giving chance to me and other people to explore their lives.